Business + SN (Facebook) = …?

Hasn’t social networking changed the way we live?! I’ve heard a few people say recently, “What did we do before social networking?”, or, “How did I ever keep in contact with my friends before Facebook?” Personally, I regularly (very regularly!) use Facebook, I also frequent Twitter and occasionally LinkedIn. Facebook in particular has been useful to me as an individual for growing and maintaining relationships with friends and family, as well as reconnecting with old friends. I’ve written a fair bit about Facebook in a couple of my previous posts, what I think is something which is really important for businesses now, is to have a presence on these social networks.

I read this story, which I think is a super cool story about how someone has used social networks to successfully build a business. Nick Kellet is the inventor of the (now) popular board game GiftTRAP, and his story is really interesting. When he was starting out, Nick got in touch with a former co-worker on LinkedIn to find that she had been doing some work for the creators of the also popular board game, Cranium, this friend then helped introduce Nick to the factory owners in Shanghai, China. He then used Flickr to find to find photos that he could legally use for the product. Once the game was produced, Nick used social networks to find buyers at Wal-Mart and Toys “R” Us.
Pretty cool story huh?

Basically what I’ve got from this example, is that social networking for businesses isn’t just good for the big boys, it is also a very powerful tool for entrepreneurs and start ups.
I encourage anyone who is running a small business and does not already have a presence on social networks or isn’t using them to their advantage, explore! See how you can get your business involved in websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and how you can better your business by adopting other web 2.0 technologies (like Flickr and Google Docs), have a look at for a list.


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I live in sunny Brisbane, Australia and I'm studying Information Technology at QUT. Love my amazing girlfriend Jasmine, love my family, love people, and love my church.
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4 Responses to Business + SN (Facebook) = …?

  1. calvynpark says:

    I regularly used Facebook as a part of connecting with my friends and family as I am studying abroad. Companies nowadays are connecting themselves through Facebook as everyone can see in the corner of their personal website, there will be a Facebook icon.

    I think for fresh graduates from university needs to have multiple connections with people that are working to be able to be employed in multinational companies. Facebook and LinkedIn will be the tool to do so as this Social Networking Sites are the most popular internet trend in this century.

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  3. Marv says:

    I guess this is as exactly what Jason said, and as what we all know about, “people ask their friends for information first.” I will be more interested on the “service using experiences” posted by the people I personally know rather than the popping out ads. And in some point of views, people speak for the real on Facebook(lie on their own account with their real name for nothing?).

    But one concern of mine is that, for the company’s promotion itself, how many customer will take the business information seriously from this “informal” social website? My personal view is that a Facebook page of company is just like a company’s official site.

  4. kavin says:

    I beleive that social networking sites build credibility as it allows organizations to connect with customers on a professional and personal level (even if it informal customers will still recognise your companys brand and as long as your facebook page is well maintained and professional, users still should see it as a crediable business). It also allows for greater spread into markets, as when one person joins your companies group, the wider community can of that person will also be linked to your product or service through friends.

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