Blogs and Web 2.0

My Uninformative Intro to Blogs – I believe blogs are useful – but how useful? I suppose it depends on things like, the purpose of the blog and whether it’s for personal or business use.. Obviously there are many digital social outlets available for use today, so where does blogging make it on the scale of usefulness? What is.. ‘useful’ ?

As a beginner blogger I haven’t had the opportunity to discover how useful blogging can be to me personally, but hopefully I will.

One notable use of blogs is that done by Sacha Chua, using her blog to share with others her ‘weekly review’, where she writes about all the things she had planned for the previous week and how much of that list she completed. This is an interesting use of a blog, and I guess the purpose is to share, and keep others informed of her day to day life.

Blogs and Web 2.0 – I believe many people have been using web 2.0 technologies for a long time without even knowing it, that’s probably because most people don’t know what web 2.0 means.

Blogs are a great example of a web 2.0 technology and potentially enterprise 2.0 when used for the purpose of a business.

Sacha’s blog talks a fair bit about Enterprise 2.0 and how it can and should be used as a communicator and connector for companies and people. One of her posts that stood out to me is ‘Process: How to ask communities for help’, this post talks about how to make a request to a community for assistance, as finding help within a person’s personal network often won’t get them the assistance they need (or not fast enough).

Here’s some links to other blogs (or sites about blogs) of interest:


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I live in sunny Brisbane, Australia and I'm studying Information Technology at QUT. Love my amazing girlfriend Jasmine, love my family, love people, and love my church.
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One Response to Blogs and Web 2.0

  1. Sacha Chua says:

    Welcome to the wondreful world of blogging! You might find (as I do) that even the process of drafting a blog post can help you think more clearly. =)

    Blogging can save you time and help you have deeper conversations, too. For example, I remember reflecting on why I do weekly reviews, and a quick search turns up the post. This means that we can start the conversation from there instead of from my figuring things out again, and I can post a follow-up with any other new insights I’ve picked up along the way.

    Good luck and have fun!

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